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Character encoding problems when using javascript client-sdk for remoting


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I have recently downloaded LCDS to try.  I was interested in using Javascript for remoting.  I have a Java-based web application on the server side, and use HTML + Javascript (dataservices-client.js) to send/receive messages asynchronously in AMF format.

I can both send and receive data (not only simple types, but objects with several attributes), however when I receive data from the server side that contains special chars (e.g. á, ï), I get some gibberish in my javascript objects. This is not same when I send content to the server: All special characters are received (printed) correctly in Java (server side).

I inspired my coding with the simple example shown in https://blogs.adobe.com/LiveCycleHelp/2012/07/creating-web-applications-using-html5javascript-remoti...

Is there any bug on the serialization?

My software version is Adobe LiveCycle es_data_services_JEE_4_7_all_win

Java container is WebLogic 11g.



Edited Apr 11 2014

In my attempts, I tried using AMFX serialization so that I could see the message in a more comprehensible format inside my browser (eg using firebug).  After configuring an HTTP channel and destination in the server side, and adjusting accordingly in the client side code, the Javascript API still sends binary!

Sadly, I concluded that client-SDK isn't mature enough...

By the way, if you send an String like "&aacute" from the server, in the client you get "á"... instead of the raw "&aacute" ... they forgot escaping.

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