can drop down fields be pre populated?



Can the drop down fields be pre populated on the form without having to press tools - manage data - import data and selecting the xml file?

So when a user opens the form the data from the xml file is already in the select boxes?




Yes. It can be populated using data connection.

1) Create a data connection for XML and select the XML file.

2) Go to Tools->Options->Data Binding and enable Dynamic properties.

3) Select the dropdown and click on list items link in Object palette and select the data connection and select a field from XML file.

4) Go for File Menu->Form Properties->Defaults tab->Data file--select the XML file.

This worked out. Just check.Please let me know if there is a better way to do.



Thanks for the reply,

Didnt change anything though

You still have to import the data once you open the form

Forms -> Manage Form Data -> ImportData

Kind of defeats the purpose of a "Dynamic Form" hahaha

Oh well I appreciate you taking the time

I think Im just going to go a different route w/ a web form using .php's pdf functions

Try to get something to work that way.