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Binding of text field will not record value entered...


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I have a form that allows a use to click an opt-out button and upon clicking that check box, a subform that is previously hidden, appears asking the user to enter a reason for opting out.

The problem I am having is as follows:

When the above situation occurs, and the form is submitted to our application, the text field wherein the reason is entered does not record what was input. The binding is done the same way as all other fields on the form and I have had no problem with any of them. I am curious as to whether it has something to do with the coding I have used and the hidden functionality.

I will copy the coding below that is attached to the opt-out check box. (FYI: On value = false and off value = true.) If anyone can see an issue please let me know as I am new to Designer.

NoQuoteSub = subform containing reason for no quote text field

quoteProvided = check box

Other coding is used to control what fields are mandatory based on one's selection to opt-out or not.

----- rfqHeader.rfqDetail.quoteProvided::initialize: - (JavaScript, client) ------------------------

NoQuoteSub.presence = "hidden";

----- rfqHeader.rfqDetail.quoteProvided::change: - (JavaScript, client) ----------------------------

if (this.rawValue == "false")


NoQuoteSub.presence = "visible" ;

xfa.resolveNode("rfqFooter.acceptance.accept").mandatory = "disabled";

xfa.resolveNode("rfqDetail.NoQuoteSub.reasonNo").mandatory = "error";

xfa.resolveNode("rfqDetail.SupplierResponse.Row9.supplierSubmittedBy").mandatory = "error";




NoQuoteSub.presence = "hidden";

xfa.resolveNode("rfqDetail.NoQuoteSub.reasonNo").mandatory = "disabled";

xfa.resolveNode("rfqFooter.acceptance.accept").mandatory = "error";


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