bad network connection - enhance timeout




if I using LC Server via proxy, for some larger files the LC Workbench/Designer gives me an "Can't read the ressource. Could be due invalid permissions, or a bad network connection." ca. 2 sec (!!!) after double click an that ressource.

The workbench Log tells me:

!ENTRY com.adobe.repository.ui.eclipse.forms 4 0 2008-07-15 11:04:15.890

!MESSAGE REP-003-020: Problem opening resource for viewing


com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: Failed to connect to LiveCycle server via HTTP URL:

at com.adobe.idp.DocumentManagerClient.requestRemotePassivation(

at com.adobe.idp.Document.passivate(

at com.adobe.idp.Document.passivate(

at com.adobe.idp.Document.getInputStream(


Is it possible to change timeout values or other to correct this misbehaviour?

Regards, Leo