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Autotab - is it possible?


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Does anyone know how to enable autotabbing between text fields for forms created using livecycle? I've tried a number of different scritps with no success.

Thanks in advance
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I presume you want to do something where once the field is "full", it automatically tabs to the next field.

I think you should be able to do this (although I haven't actually tried it) but adding a SetFocus call on the "Full" event. Note that the parameter for SetFocus is a String containing the som expression of the field you want to set focus to. You will also have to set the maximum number of characters in the field.




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Hi Howard,

After a few attempts & with some additional advice I've managed to crack it. Thanks..


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Can you share your script to do so???



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This may not be exactly what the original poster had in mind... But I needed to skip a field in the tab order. I put the following JavaScript in the enter event of the field I wanted skipped:


where "next_field" is the name of the field the cursor should go to.

Hope that's helpful--



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Kathryn's example does work, but has the same problem as the FormCalc function does. The text will lose a character keystroke when the setFocus is applied.

The alternative way to do this in FormCalc is: xfa.host.setFocus("NextField")

Does anybody know how to get around the character loss?


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If you have a set character length for your entry this will work on the change event:

if (xfa.event.newText.length == 3){



where "3" is the length to autotab at and "next" is the name of the field to tab to.

To bad they made the Full event useless.