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Automatically Removing Security From a Form


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I will start by describing what I have implemented and our work process..

I have created multiple forms with LiveCycle, and they are posted on our website. When a user needs access they fill out the forms and submit them back to us electronically. We then open them up in Adobe Pro, and print them to pdf, so that all the data is preserved, and so we can comment and place sticky notes on the forms.

I recently added some security to the forms so that no one could take them off of the website and copy them. However, now when we open them in Adobe Pro, we cannot print them to pdf because of the enabled security. I found a temporary work around: we go to advanced-security-disable security, and enter the password I have protected the forms with. This seems to be an extra step, and as we process many of these forms every day, this would get old fast.

Is there a way to write a script that will automatically remove the security from the forms as we receive them back, so that we can continue in the old fashion of just opening them, and printing them to pdf?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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