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Authentication lost when a different RTMP worker thread is used


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We are using AIR and LCDS on JBoss. To authenticate against
the JBoss realm we use custom login and the Tomcat Valve as
described in the LCDS documentation.

The problem is the RTMP thread pool. When calling login on
the client side the doAuthentication() method from the Login
command is called on the server side and the user is authenticated
against the realm. Until there everything is fine and I can call
secured EJBs from within the dataservice Assemblers. But when
another RTMP worker thread is used as the one, where the
authentication has been performed, the JAAS authentication is lost
and I receive an Authorization Exception when calling secured EJBs.

How can I preserve the JAAS login over several RTMP threads?
Is there perhaps a possbility to force the MessageBroker to call
authenticate everytime another thread from the thread pool is used?

Thanks in advance,

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