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What is the best way to overcome profile collapse issues


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The profile collapse issue happening when more than 150 identities, how to avoid these kind of profile collapse issues, what is the best practices?

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The guardrails for the identity service have been updated.

"When a graph with 50 linked identities is updated, Identity Service will apply a “first-in, first-out” mechanism and deletes the oldest identity to make space for the newest identity. Deletion is based on identity type and timestamp. The limit is applied at the sandbox level. For more information, read the section on understanding the deletion logic."


This should resolve the problem you are experiencing.   


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@hariprasathg Just to add to what @Rudi-Shumpert mentioned, the changes to the Identity graphs from 150 to 50 is documented in the latest release notes (September 28th) in the Identity Service section - See https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-platform/release-notes/latest.html?lang=en#identi... 


The identity graph limit has changed from 150 identities to 50 identities. When a new identity is ingested into a full graph, the oldest identity based on the ingestion timestamp and identity type are deleted.


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Hi @hariprasathg  - Profile collape should be handled very efficiently and it is completely depends upon the use case. We have come up with some solution for our use case but it wont work in other scenario. Please elaborate more about your issue and use case that you are trying to solve.


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You still have to have 50 profiles to get to this first-in first out mythology posted above - and because that method is arbitrary there no guarantee that the "first in" is actually the one you want to discard.


I think the original poster's question is - how do we not get to 50 erroneous links in the profile store in the first place.  Greater control over which ECIDs get assigned to which primary ids (Email, CRM Id, etc.) is really the ask from the community.