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Tracking of Audiences used on AJO steps or Campaigns


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I am currently utilizing the query service in Adobe Experience Platform and I have been able to track profiles that have been included in a communication, whether it be a Journey or Campaign, through specific fields in Datasets. However, I am encountering difficulties when trying to trace back to determine which audience was activated and used for a particular campaign or journey.


Are there any specific technical tables or datasets available that would allow me to trace back and identify what audience was used in a campaign or an Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) step?


For instance, are there tables that could provide information like "Campaign A activated Audience X" or "Journey Step B evaluated Audience Y"?

Currently, unless there is a manual tracking process in place, it seems challenging to ascertain this information. Any guidance on how to effectively track the usage of audiences in campaigns or journeys would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your assistance.

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