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Snowflake destination in AEP


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Hello @Jennifer_Dungan , Please let me know the process that one can follow to create a Snowflake destination in AEP. When I am in the "Destinations" tab of AEP, I do not see a connector today available in the catalog for Snowflake. 


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Hi @AjayBhat1,


We only have Adobe Analytics, so I do actually have access to AEP Destinations... We get our data into Snowflake using Adobe Analytics Raw Data Feeds and sending them to an S3 bucket... then our data team picks up those files and uses an ETL process to read the data and apply similar logic to Adobe do that the reports they pull from the Data Lake match up as closely as possible to the reports I pull directly from Adobe.


From what I can see from the documentation, Amazon S3 buckets are available.. I expect that the data coming from here is processed by Adobe already (since I see options like "de-duplication"), so there would be less work on the ETL process (but again, I am guessing since I haven't used this myself).



I did also find this.. so it seems like there should be a connector available


Hopefully this helps you.


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Dear @AjayBhat1 ,

Have moved the discussion to the Adobe Experience Platform Questions.

Snowflake as a source connector is available, however, destination is not available by default.

If Snowflake supports data ingestion through API, you can use the 'HTTP API' connection from Streaming Destination which is pretty straightforward. Until you have the Snowflake destination, 'HTTP API' is the alternative option without involving medial storage like S3, Azure, FTP etc.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B (Arun) | NextRow DigitalTerryn Winter Analytics