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Segmentation sercive: timestamp and rolling range discrepency


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I create a dummy segment to recognize profiles who involved in a certain event from 43 to 44 days ago. But the event actually happened in Dec 6th(timestamp), since today is Feb 15th, this profile should not fall into the range. I was confused with the functionality of rolling range. Did I do anything wrong or misunderstand anything?

 Screenshot 2023-02-15 171509.JPGScreenshot 2023-02-15 171742.JPG


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Please check time zone with date and year. If it exactly what you have given them it show other wise there is a confusion in year? Verify 


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Hi @RexChen ,

There's good info on this post with segmentation - https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-platform/personnalisation-based-on...

See if that helps you figure out the issue you are facing.



Chetanya Jain