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Production data goes into AEP Dataset but not showing Adobe Analytics workspace


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Hi All,


When we are upgrading our sdk4 to sdk5, we successfully tested the staging environment using staging sandbox in AEP and Launch.


However, when we are migrating into PROD, we are using PROD sandbox in AEP but somehow our workspace can't identify data being sent through specifically in Android.


I have triple check the configuration in our datastream and launch app id etc. can't find any issue.


I have checked by querying the data inside dataset query and can see my eVars showing there, but seems to be disconnection inside Adobe Analytics.


Hoping that anyone can help with this.





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@FelixAgung1 did you map the xdm variables to Adobe analytics in processing rules? did you test this in staging env before moving to production and did that work ok? 



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Hi Anil,


Appreciate looking into this, turns out our problem is simpler than it looks, the main reason why its not showing in AA is because of DB Vista rules that blocks internal traffic. It's all good now.