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"Unexpected token 'u', "upstream r"... is not valid JSON" error message adding data via SFTP


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Good morning community


I am having an issue when uploading data from a SFTP server. I previously configured the connection account to the server: user, password, host, etc.


When I start the data adding process, I select the CSV file from which I want to extract the information and the delimited file format, in this case using semicolon, I get the following error message:


"Preview Error
Network error: Unexpected token 'u', "upstream r"... is not valid JSON".


As shown in the following screenshot:



I thought the problem was related to the whole instance or environment. However, I did a test with a test SFTP server and everything works correctly. Likewise, I created another connection account with the same credentials and I get the same error message.


Thank you very much in advance.


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Hi @edgar_avi ,


I had a similar problem with Synapse. I managed to fix it by making the view query in the AEP UI more efficient.

I suspect that your CSV file has a lot of data, and the query being used might not be the best for fetching the data to AEP UI without it timing out.







Hi @edgar_avi 


This is due to latency in cross-geo API calls. Happens when the SFTP server is very far from your AEP sandbox location (VA7 for your case). You can try to compress the file and see if it succeeds.