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Multiple applications, datasets, XDM schema


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In our enterprise, we have multiple front-end applications (both Web & Mobile) generating Analytics data and we have used Adobe Analytics now. We are moving to Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and in this process, we are setting up XDM schema for our tracking needs. We have different user personas for the various applications. However our analytics data is fairly similar - we track page views, actions - form actions, search, download actions etc.


Can anyone provide recommendations for setting up datasets, XDM schemas?

- Do we use one XDM schema for all of our applications?  Our analytics capture pattern is similar, more than 80% of data captured is similar across applications

- Do we use one dataset for all of our applications? pros & cons.


If we use multiple schemas (with same fieldgroups) for each app, is that an antipattern?


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Hi @Karthikeyan3022657234dp  - So my understanding is that you need to setup a web SDK analytics for your different application (for both web & Mobile) and visualize those data utilizing CJA as a workspace.  

1. though you have analytics tracking is pretty similar for all your application, but I would recommend having a separate schema for ech application for a better maintenance and avoid technical glitch in future. e.g.one may have extra tracking comparing with other application.

2. You must use different datasets.

3. I don't see any antipattern of using same field groups for Mutiple schemas. 

This answer is completely on a high level from my understanding. However, based on each use cases and business the solution may differ.