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Issues Integrating Adobe Mobile SDK with use_modular_headers! in Swift Project


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Hello Community,

I am facing challenges while attempting to integrate the Adobe Mobile SDK into a Swift project, which also contains some Objective-C libraries. Launch time performance is crucial for us, and therefore we are using use_modular_headers! instead of use_frameworks! in Cocoapods. This approach seems to be incompatible with the Adobe Mobile SDK.

Here’s what my podfile looks like:


pod 'AEPCore', :modular_headers => false
pod 'AEPRulesEngine', :modular_headers => false
pod 'AEPIdentity', :modular_headers => false
pod 'AEPSignal', :modular_headers => false
pod 'AEPLifecycle', :modular_headers => false
pod 'AEPUserProfile', :modular_headers => false


Despite this configuration, I am encountering compilation errors stating that the Objective-C module 'AEPRulesEngine' cannot be found, along with module interface verification failures.


Is there a workaround or a method to statically link the Adobe SDK without using the use_frameworks! flag in Cocoapods? We need the SDK to be usable with static linking due to its impact on application launch time.

Any help or guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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