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How to stop profiles from re-entering an audience using Audience Rules?


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I am attempting to exclude profiles from re-entering an audience once they have already been in the audience. In other words, I want to stop any profiles that have been in a specific audience from entering that audience again.


What is the best way to accomplish this? I have listed a couple of things that I have tried below.


Thanks for taking a look - appreciate any ideas/thoughts!


Identical Second Segment

One solution would be to make an identical segment and use a Last Qual rule that targets the second segment.


Segment Rule that Targets Self

In the past I thought that I could use a 'Last Qualification' rule and have the audience rule target said audience.

(eg A rule in 'ABC Audience' of Exclude Segment Membership of ['ABC Audience' ID] Last Qualification time exists) - (See attached image)


When I create a rule like this, I now get an error, so this no longer seems to be an option:

"Circular dependency detected among segment definition entities. Remove circular dependency and try again." (See attached image)

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