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CJA API /reports end point not working


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Hi all,

We've been trying to pull data from CJA through the API.
After some difficulty we were able to access some stuff like data views, dimensions, and metrics but we are unable to request anything from the /reports end point.

Example of requests:
res = requests.get("https://cja.adobe.io/data/dataviews", headers=get_headers())

We've been checking this link: https://developer.adobe.com/cja-apis/docs/api/#tag/Reporting-API but requests.get("https://cja.adobe.io/reports", headers=get_headers, params=parameters()) does not work and returns a 403 for res.

Any guidance or suggestions would be welcome!



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A HTTP 403 error typically means that the server understood the request, but it refuses to authorize it. This could be due to a few different reasons:

  1. Authentication and Authorization: Make sure you are correctly authenticated and you have the right level of access to request data from the /reports endpoint. Verify your access token and its associated permissions.

  2. API Scope: Check if the access token is scoped correctly for the CJA APIs. Your access token should have the correct scope for accessing the /reports endpoint.

  3. Request Structure: Make sure you're constructing your request correctly. It seems like you might be trying to pass the function get_headers and parameters directly to the headers and params arguments. If these are functions that return your headers and parameters, you should call them with parentheses like headers=get_headers and params=parameters().

  4. Endpoint Availability: The specific endpoint you are trying to reach may not be available for your organization or it may require special permissions.

  5. Rate Limiting: Make sure you are not exceeding any rate limits imposed by Adobe on API calls. If you make too many requests in a short period of time, you might be temporarily blocked from making additional requests.

So, few areas to debug but hope this solves your problem.