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AEP Mapping Sets for Non XDM Parquet Ingestion


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Hello Team,


We have our Input files in Parquet format but they're not XDM compatible. As per the Adobe documentation & Community posts, we observed that AEP will only allow Parquet file if it is in XDM compatible format.


So when we're trying multiple options, we identified that using mapping sets we can do source to destination schema (XDM) mapping using Mapping Sets end point API. We tested on a sample Non XDM Parquet file using mapping sets API & file ingested successfully. We would like to proceed further with this approach as it reduces lot of efforts to convert existing Parquet files from Non XDM compatible to XDM compatible.


Based on this, can you please provide response for below

  1. Can we go ahead with mapping Sets API for loading Non XDM compatible Parquet file to XDM Schema?
    1. If yes, any specific Parquet formats only allowed with this approach or this applicable for all Parquet files (Nested or Simple)
    2. If no, any specific reason for us to not proceed further with this approach?
  2. Is it a recommended approach or best practices by Adobe to ingest Non XDM Parquet file.
  3. Will Adobe support this approach at later stages in case of issues?


Thanks for your support!!

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I know this post is old, however, can you share the details of how you set up the mapping set to do this?  I have the same problem and would like to see how your approach works.