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AEP Connector Payload for Magento 2 integration


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Hi All,

I am new to AEP platform,


I am trying to integrate AEP and magento using AEP connector. Do we need to configure the mapping in datastream even if we are adding AEP service in data stream. If yes how to get the payload coming from AEP connector.
Also could you please suggest the best option to define a primary identifier while using AEP connector for data ingestion as we can not use any commerce field groups for the same.


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@sankar1 I'm not familiar with that specific integration but found this document, in case you have not seen it yet:

      | When you create that datastream, you must also select an XDM schema that represents the data you plan to ingest. 


For your 2nd question, as per this blog post by Pedro Monjo, the Primary ID really needs to be unique such as an email address or a CR ID would be good candidates.


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Hi @Tof_Jossic ,
Thank you for your response. Yes , I have already gone through the document. As per the documentation , 



Its mentioned that we can not use the commerce specific field groups as primary key. I got a little confused with this statement which made me post this question in the forum.

1. If we are not supposed to use these field group attributes as PK, then should we use any other field group or any custom attribute as PK.

2. If we are using any other field group or creating a custom attribute , how could we map this field with the AEP connector data (Can we get the payload structure somehow to establish this mapping in DataStream?)


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Hi @sankar1 , I see you have a query which also relates to a  problem statement we are working on.

Actually we are trying to create a custom Magento Source Connector in our AEP env, so that we can import data from Magento server into data-lake. 

I see you are doing something similar. Can you tell how are you doing the same (if you are) or if not , any light on this matter would be helpful !