Audience Manager extension in AEP Launch SDK




Need help with the implementation steps involved in implementing AAM without AA using Adobe Launch SDK.

1. How to collect data about screens viewed, events/interactions/clicks etc.?
Do we need to use signalWithData API and pass key-value pairs, or is there any other event/method we need to use?


2. What are the out of the box signals that get collected for Lifecycle metrics? Do we need to implement lifecycle events globally?

3. Is there any way to integrate Google Analytics for app with AAM? Is it possible to reuse Firebase events and send data to AAM?



Varun Kalra

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Hi @Varun_Kalra ,


1. Yes, using signalWithData API is the correct way to send your data to AAM if you do not have AA installed.

2. Here is the documentation for registering and adding the appropriate Lifecycle start/pause calls within your application,

Also, here's documentation on the metrics sent from Lifecycle.

3. We don't have an out-of-the-box solution with Google Analytics. Your app will need to listen for the Firebase events and call the AAM signalWithData API as needed for your use-case.


Let us know if you have any further questions.



Kevin Lind

Adobe Experience Cloud