Success Event is firing twice on rule?




I have a carousel that I'd like to track via the name of the carousel frame as an eVar and counters for number of clicks on them.

The data elements are straight forward in reading from digitalData. In my rule, I have eVar19 set to capture the carousel name and event12 as the counter.

If you see the below screenshot, you see event12 once for the first eVar "amazing deals" but when I click on the next carousel, event12 is shown twice? Any particular reason why event12 would fire twice on the second click.

My data elements are NOT set to storage of pageview. These have no storage.


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What version the the Analytics Extension do you use. There was a bug with clear variables that was only fixed in the latest version but was in the library in 2 or 3 previous versions:

What are possible reasons why ClearVariable fails?