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I am using both the « Google gtag » and the « Google Ads » extensions in Adobe Launch to trigger my Google Ads request.

My request is triggered but it’s a « Google Ads remarketing tag ». However, my campaign is not a remarketing campaign.

If I configure the Google Ads tag in custom, I can add the variable « google_remarketing_only » at false to indicate that it’s not a remarketing campaign, but with the extension and I don’t see the option.

Someone has an idea of how to do with the extension ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



So I believe the "Google Ads Remarketing Tag" is the basic tag that is provided by Google and recommended to be placed in the <head> for all advertisers.

This tag allows your website to collect data for remarketing (if you choose to do it), but also for conversion tracking (when paired with a conversion tracking tag). I would leave the "Google Ads Remarketing Tag" as it is, and then look to see what conversion tag is needed as well for what you are wanting to track. For example, if you are tracking phone calls you can add a specific tag in the <head> or if you are tracking form submissions, you can add a conversion tracking tag on the "Thank You" or landing page after a form is filled out.

Not sure if this helps or not, but hopefully it does! Would love to hear someone's answer who is more familiar with using Adobe Launch for Google Ads campaigns as well.

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