Direct call rules in SPA (Single Page Application) async deployment



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We use _satellite.track to track pageviews in the Single Page Application while the Adobe script loads asyncronously. As expected, sometimes we get error message: _satellite is not defined. It means that the _satellite.track had been fired before the script finished loading.


What is the best way to solve this issue technically? Is there any method recommended by Adobe? 


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I think the only real option here is to code around the context of your site. Before calling _satellite.track(), make sure it exists. This could be done in various ways...

  • Define your data layer on the page and move the _satellite.track() call into Launch.
  • Create an interval that continuously checks for the _satellite object, only calling _satellite.track() when you're certain it exists on the page.
  • Create a page load rule that notifies the page that _satellite has loaded and is ready to go. When that rule fires, use it to trigger your _satellite.track() call(s) by emitting a custom JS event that can be subscribed to with a simple document.addEventListener() in your page content. (Or, set a JS variable on the window that, when present/populated, tells the page that you're ready for the _satellite.track() calls to fire.)

You have a lot of options, but at the end of the day, it's just a timing challenge, and you'll have to decide what fits best in your environment.

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