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Realtime DAG Visual for all AEP components


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Description - a feature in AEP that allows the user to visualize all of the relationships between schemas/datasets/datastreams/tag properties/rules/data elements etc.. in one image. Imagine a DAG visual like in DBT where the bubbles explain what the component is with text and color coding, then there are lines between the bubbles that show how they are connected e.g., an individual schema would have the name of the schema in one bubble, then lines from it to the datasets (separate bubbles) that its being used in. 

Why is this feature important to you - It would speed up the validation process to be able to quickly view all the relationships involved from a schema to an actual rule in Tags. Instead of having to click around between two different tool sets you could see in one place all of the relationships and ensure you're pulling from the right dataset, datastream etc.. 

How would you like the feature to work - ideally there would be a global button in AEP next to the drop down to pick your sandbox, or something similar, and when you click the button you get a popup visual that illustrates all of the active relationships in the sandbox you're working in. The bubbles could be color coded or shaped differently depending on the type of component and if that component is live (already been published) or still in draft (still in testing). 

Current Behavior - none