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Ability to provide file name format in the UI for batch Source connections


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Existing batch (SFTP, S3 and others file processing) source connections allow data ingestion into AEP based on an individual file or at a folder level. In the Select Data step, currently there is no provision of providing a file name format specification that we want to process into AEP. When there are multiple differently named files in one folder in SFTP/S3 location and we want to ingest these files into different datasets, there need to be a way to select matching file name (for example file_1* to file_1 dataset and file_2* to file_2 dataset etc) from the same location in the UI.


Why is this feature important to you

Ability to select multiple files confirming a file name format will give us a flexibility to ingest multiple files from same location instead of creating separate locations for each file.


How would you like the feature to work

Along with the current functionality, there should be a Text box to select the file name format allowing wild cards to select multiple files from the same location.


Current Behavior

The existing capability limits to ingest at an individual file or folder level in the UI from same location.