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Utilizing Adobe Analytics or other Geolocation for Marketing Purpose in CDP


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Team - We are in discussion about utilizing near real time customer location and leveraging those for the marketing purpose. I do understand that tracking Geo location is bit challenge and getting individual IP address also comes under PII as per GDPR/CCPA. Does anyone utilised adobe analytics geo location data by integrating with CDP for marketing purpose? Are we supposed to integrate and utilise those data for marketing purpose from adobe analytics?
Would be good if someone has experienced on the above scenario and through some lights on the same.

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I don't have experience using AA's geolocation data with CDPs as per your requirement. So the following is based on what I am familiar with:

Firstly, I don't think AA can provide geolocation data (e.g. country, state, city) in real-time. This is because AA depends on a lookup to map the IP addresses of hits to geolocation, and I think that lookup works in batches rather than real-time.

Secondly, I'm not sure if real-time data can be exported out of AA into your CDP, based on my reading of the API docs https://developer.adobe.com/analytics-apis/docs/2.0/apis/.

So I don't think you can fulfill your requirements.

On the other hand, does your client use Adobe Experience Platform? If so, then you might be able to achieve what you want with that product.