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Tracking Marketo form via Adobe Launch


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Is there a way to track Marketo form events like start, submit, success and failure in Adobe Analytics using Adobe Launch.

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I don't know if there are specific events that can be leverage from Marketo... but if you should be able to track based on standard HTML form controls...


Start could be as simple as being part of the page load where the form exists... or you could create a "focus" rule, that as soon as the user focuses on any part of the form you track that as a start... you will need to create some logic to only track the focus once per page load so that every "focus" doesn't re-trigger and cause additional unnecessary tracking.


For the Submit, there is form submit action in Launch, so that one should be easy...


For the Success/Fail, well I guess that depends on how your form works... does the user get taken to a new thank you page on success? You could use that page as the success tracking... or is there a thank you message that appears on the same page? In fact, looking for error messages after submitting the form is likely the best way to track the failure...
Without seeing a working model though, it's hard to help provide details on that type of detection.


You can try posting in in the Marketo forum.. to at least see if there are actual event listeners for these that would be easier to use. 


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You could probably use an Event Based Rule’s custom Event Type with this and then use _satellite.track("your direct call rule String value"); in a Sequential JavaScript Tag. Similarly do the same for other form events like start, submit, success and failure.


In Adobe Launch, create an event-based rule and select the rule's trigger. To track form submissions, for example, you may utilize the form submit trigger.

Create a data element to gather form data. You can do this by selecting "Custom Code" in the data element setup and writing JavaScript code for collecting form data.

In Adobe Analytics, create a custom event that corresponds to the Marketo form event you want to measure (for example, form submission).

In the Adobe Analytics extension settings in Adobe Launch, map the data from the data element to the custom event.

Publish the modifications and test the tracking with a tool like Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger or the browser console.


You can leverage the marketo api to do something like this [Reference: https://developers.marketo.com/javascript-api/forms/api-reference/]

<script type="text/javascript">

MktoForms2.whenReady(function (form) {

// Add an onSubmit handler


// set function calls here, for example to fire google analytics or adobe analytics tracking







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