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Single-page Applications & Data Elements with 'Page View' duration


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Description -

More and more website are being built using Single-Page Application (SPA) architecture. With a SPA website, when a user moves between screens it does not cause a full refresh of the page.  This causes Data Elements that have a Storage Duration set to "page view" to live beyond what the user experiences as a page view as these data elements require a full refresh from them to be cleared.


Why is this important -

Within SPAs, data elements set to "page view" duration can actually live for the whole session, meaning there is little difference between between the "page view" and "session" duration. This has the potential to cause odd results/confusion (e.g. it may not behave like someone selecting "page view" might expect).


How would you like the feature to work -

The simplest solution may be for Adobe to display a notification/warning about SPAs near the storage duration field when someone selects "page view".  The notification could directing people to use the "None" option for SPAs.


Or if "page view" duration is considered useful, maybe Adobe could introduce support for SPAs - a potential solution would be for the 'core' extension to include a rule 'action type' that allowed you to trigger the clearing of data elements that had their duration set to 'page view' i.e. a way to notify Adobe Launch Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection Tags that a page view had occurred within the SPA.

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