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Launch: Easy auditing of workflow steps


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From a security point of view, it needs to be really clear within the tool who is approving/progressing a library through each of the following steps:

  • Summit for approval
  • Approved for publishing
  • Publishing

At the moment it is really opaque; Although there is an audit log it's next to impossible to decipher.  Also I would expect this information to be available within the area where you are viewing a particularly library which it is not currently (there is an 'activity log' but this just shows the date when a 'build' occurs and contains no user info)



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Echoing above, I would like to add in that it would also be nice to see a "last edited by" column added to rules, data elements, and possibly somewhere in extensions. Along with change notes that a user can add for whatever changes have been made. Perhaps some information that shows up upon hovering over said rule/element/extension? Regardless of how it's done, I think the ability to really see who is doing what is needed. The audit logs as they are right now are extremely tedious to go through as they record every single little thing which causes a ton of pages to sift through.

These were nice insights that were/are present in DTM, and would be nice to have here as well, especially if there are a lot of people involved.