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Is there a callback for rules not meeting conditions?


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Hello all!


I have a specific rule in my implementation with a "max frequency" type of condition (once per session). It works well, but I need to do some custom code in case the conditions are not met (event triggered but not fired because of this condition). I've thought about doing a "counter rule" (that means with the reversed condition - always fire except for the first time in session), but I  was wondering if there was another way to do it, a more practical way if I need to do this in other rules as well (without having to duplicate them all), like a callback (something in the sorts of s.registerPostTrackCallback like _satellite.ruleConditionNotMetCallback) or a fallback (if(condition) => actions, else => fallback)


Any solutions, suggestions, ideas?

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As far as I know, Launch doesn't have any "callback" functionality anywhere. I think most of us use "counter rules", as you've called them.