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Improve Experience Platform Debugger for Analytics - Make it more like Experience Cloud Debugger


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The new experience platform debugger is much worse than the old experience cloud debugger for Analytics debugging.  It needs to be much-improved before it will be useful.

1. The top half of the output is all information that is not useful for day-to-day debugging/testing.   The key information, like Page Name, Link Name, Events, eVars and Props are all below the fold, requiring the user to scroll to see anything useful.

2. Unless you scroll all the way to the bottom and use the bottom scroll bar, it is not possible to scroll right/left in order to track the changing data (it doesn't always automatically scroll along, and in any case sometimes several hits are fired in quick succession so you need to scroll left to see the first ones).  

3. Clicking on an empty cell opens the details/copy dialog box, which is pointless.   In the old 'cloud' debugger, clicking an empty cell just engaged the window so you could then scroll left/right with the keyboard arrows easily, meaning you could keep the variables you were interested in in the viewport more easily.


Suggested improvements:

1. Allow users to FILTER for the variables of interest.  There should be an option to 'remember' the filter so that it isn't necessary to laboriously filter out all the top and bottom half of the data every time you use the debugger.

2. Clicking on an empty cell should not open the details dialog.  Instead it should engage the window so the user can easily scroll left/right using the keyboard arrows.

Alternatively, allow users to MOVE the rows of interest up/down.  This would allow us to move the required variable rows to the bottom so we could scroll using the scroll bar without the data being out-of-sight above the fold.



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Agree with all points above. I tried the new debugger for a few weeks and ended up reverting back to the old one. Alphabetisation of the dimensions was a terrible idea. The most important, e.g. page tail, should always be towards the top and easy to find when scanning the columns.