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Export complete library in excel or csv formats to use as documentation


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Hi Team,

I think it would be great if there is a way to export full library as excel or csv including names of rules and data elements used in the rule which we can later utilise as way to integrate with reporting suite products as a reference of documentation for library.

This will help us to do hassle free documentation and will add value for business users who wants to see all the third party tags installed with launch on the production website.

Please let us know if there is some plan for this to happen or it would be already achievable through the present iteration itself.



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In the 8/29 East Coast Office Hours, Adobe said that right now the way to get a download is to use the Archive feature under the Environments tab. Selecting this feature will change your embed code - so if you will need to implement the modified embed code on your site.

Adobe did acknowledge that this was kind-of a painful way to get a download, so they are going to add a button to their coming-soon Chrome extension that will allow you to download the library (this sounds like a much easier solution for us to use!).

Have a great day -





The download/archive option that exists today is for the entire library itself.  There is no capability to get a text version of what's in a library for documentation purposes.  Soon the API will provide a capability to list the contents of a build (would come as JSON) which could be used for this purpose, but still isn't csv/xlsx.  Would the JSON available through the API work for you, or you'd still prefer csv or something similar through a button in the UI?




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Hi thebenrobb​ -

Being able to download the entire library to a csv file through Tagtician's plug-in is so super easy and so convenient, that I would love to continue to have this same super-easy, super-convenient way available for Launch.

Thanks -



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I would be very interested in being able to ge ta reference to the defined rules and data elements.

With DTM I was reading the _satellite object directly for this; I'm using it as part of automatic QA process: in which I check for custom event rules I'm firing on the web site if they also have a rule definition in DTM.

This info is however not exposed anymore in the Launch _satellite version. It would be nice if I could retrieve this info e.g. with an API (cfr Google Tag Manager).


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@Andrey_Osadchuk  I tried your plugin and  got this error: