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Experience Platform Debugger


Level 2


It's getting annoying having the debugger "reset" every time I go back to it....  My workflow will sometimes just be looking at a single page, but other times I'll be looking at a page, checking the variables, going to Confluence or Jira to verify requirements, then I come back to the debugger and it's all collapsed and set to the first column again, so I fix it, put it where I want it, go back to confluence or jira and then have to come back and reset things.


The other issue with this is that sometimes I'll be comparing QA against Prod, in the old version (Experience CLOUD Debugger)I could have the network requests appear on the same panel, so I could easily compare my changes in QA against what's in Prod.


Also for some reason tables in this version isn't as good as the previous version, not sure if it's the fonts or what.