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Enhanced Search & Global Search


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Hi there,

Enhanced Search

I believe the current search feature, perform on the "title/name", which is good,

Will be great the search capability is searching to the lowest granular for example searching "scripts" as well.

Global Search

Currently, search is enable for every "tab" for example rules, data element, etc ...

Will be great if Launch has a Global search, something like the one for Adobe Analytics ...





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Add in being able to search for the variables in which rules/tags they are being used including being able to find it in the custom code


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It would also be great if you were able to query and then export rules and data elements. This would be great for organization and auditing purposes. Any field that has an input should be able to be queried and bring back results.

For example, does a rule have...

  • a path condition
  • 3rd party javascript
  • eVar20
  • click condition


Level 2


I have been asking for the ability to search in rules for specific variables since it was Satellite. Maybe with Launch we can finally see it?




The first iteration of this is progress now.  We will release the search capability first in the API, then incorporate it into the UI.

The MVP plan is for a global search box at the top of the screen in the black bar (we call it Shell) up by the solution switcher, help, etc.  When you type, we will suggest matches of different types including all them major resource types.  We'll be able to search through the attributes of the resources themselves (things like name, description, data element expiration, etc) and also of their settings.  The settings include custom code you have typed and more structured settings (like the Evars you selected in the Set Variables action of the Analytics extension).