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Enable us to 'tag' data elements, rules etc. to improve searching/organisation


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Description -

In Analysis Workspace there is the ability to 'tag' segments, calculated metrics, workspaces etc. works brilliantly making searching, filtering and organising easier. It seems like such an obvious thing to introduce the same capability into Adobe Launch so we can tag Data Elements, Rules and maybe even Properties.

Why is this feature important to you -

Organisation of all the data elements and rules we have would be a lot easier if we could use tags.

How would you like the feature to work -

Ability to add tags to data elements/rules to enable us to search by tags much the same as the functionality in Analysis Workspace

Current Behaviour -

Without tags we have been forced to try to add additional information to the names of data elements/rules to make them searchable.  This is far from ideal as it makes the name unwieldy and they can't contain all the information we need.  In addition you can't change the name of data elements without breaking stuff so you only get one chance to get the info you need into the name or you have a lot of work to do to change it.

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I personally believe that the move that Adobe made when moving from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch to remove tags was the right decision. Taggers were way to lazy when naming their data elements. rules etc... and relied to much on tags to organize their data elements, rules etc... It was way too messy and debugging in developer console was a nightmare. I have seen rules called `GLOBAL` 


What tagging really needs are tagging standards which requires to set naming conventions to be used. If you name your data elements and rules correctly the default search capability is just perfect and fast.


Check the tagging standards I described. Give it a try and you will see that searching for the right rule types will become easy.