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Do data elements persist across properties?


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We have a situation where the public part of the website is running on one platform (AEM) and the logged in version is running on something different (Java plus a bunch of other stuff).  As we implement Launch we would like to use two properties to keep things organized and because they will be managed by separate teams. However, there is data we would like to keep in data elements from one site to the other.  Is this possible if we create the same data element in both properties or do we need to use some form of local storage?



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Data elements (and rules) are property-specific. So in your case, you'll need to duplicate the events from one property into the other.


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I get why you want to keep 2 distinct web properties, it makes sense and we do this in house as well. Each platform has its own web property.


I would say what you need is a common data layer definition between the 2 platforms and persist data inside the data layer. 


This is what I call generic data layer


By doing so you can standardize on how your deploy your tagging and ultimately reach auto-tagging state.


I would not reply on any method from the _satellite object in your platform code as it will introduce technical debt if you ever move from Adobe Launch to another TMS.

The data persistence should be in your data layer alone.