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Disable Activity Map through config


Level 9


It seems that disabling ClickMap in the Analytics Extension is not enough. You actually have to modify the AppMeasurement.js (which only works if you are not using the CDN): Stopping Activity Map Link Tracking

Please ad an option to really disable it through the UI.

Duplicate of: Ability to Turn Off/On ActivityMap Module in Adobe Analytics Extension



Level 4


We can add the votes from here also:  Ability to Turn Off/On ActivityMap Module in Adobe Analytics Extension

This is a crucial item for protecting against unintended/accidental PII collection on poorly designed sites.  It is very unfortunate that we have to edit appmeasurement just to turn off ActivityMap.


Level 9


Haven't seen the other idea, thanks for pointing it out. And that one has the status on "Comming Soon", so looking forward to it.


Level 3


How soon thomas.amsler​?

We've implemented Adobe Launch and now need to switch off Activity Map. At the moment its looking like I will have to remove Adobe Launch if there is no way to disable the activity map feature.

I realise there are ways that we can disable links, regions etc... But the fear is that a development team puts something live without considering the implication that Activity Map could capture PII data (and therefore don't correctly handle those areas).

My only option at the moment is to set up exclusions for every region/DIV on the site...which still doesn't solve the problem if a new element is created.

Internally I'm being asked to switch it off...if we have an expected date for this functionality then I can manage that situation better. At the moment it's likely we'll just have to move away from Launch if there is any potential data risk. 


Level 10


I'm going to archive this idea. As a previous comment pointed out, this is a duplicate of another idea. Please go and vote on the other idea if you have voted on this one.


Level 9


I am not an Adobe employee, so I also have no exact dates. For now you can add this to your custom code section where you also would add plugins, this disables it completely:

if (typeof s.ActivityMap === 'object') {

   s.ActivityMap.link = function() {

   return false;




Level 3



I don't suppose you know what I'm doing wrong do you. I've added the code above into my custom code within the Adobe Analytics extension. But the activity map is still showing on my site.

For some reason I can't get any of the doPlugin's to work through here but I have no idea why??




Level 9


Do you have any JS errors on the page that might prevent this to be executed?

On our property we have the radio button set to Before instead of After. Maybe this has an impact here.


Level 8


Hi @jantzen_b, for some reason the original idea is missing / not found:
https://forums.adobe.com/ideas/9783 = "The idea you are trying to access is not available.".
I know this is one of the most wanted ideas for Adobe Launch and that's why it would be good to see the status of the idea etc.

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