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Adobe Launch / Data Elements / Loop?


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Hello guys,

I'm currently using Launch for sending data to Adobe Analytics, no surprise here.

I'm wondering if possible to send multiple times data information depending on how many products available in my basket.

Let's consider the following datalayer structure:




orderId: "123456",

totalPrice: "250.00",



  quantity: "3",

  unitPrice: "50.00",

  itemPrice: "150.00",

  itemID: "Item1"




  quantity: "1",

  unitPrice: "100.00",

  itemPrice: "100.00",

  itemID: "Item2"





I already have implemented 'Product' variable but I don't want to include everything into that one (many many info available at item level)

So my objective would be to send through an eVar any additional items information.

Problem is that I can only retrieve one information at a time. My Data Element below configured to retrieve the first item:


Is there any way I can loop it to resend eVar as many times as needed to get all itemID recorded in Analytics?

Thanks in advance for your attention and help.

Hope it makes sense,

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Hi Community, @romainl45785749,


I'm having a similar use case, so I wanted to know if anyone had a solution regarding this point.


Best regards,