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Ability to Copy a Product Configuration OR Provide Templates


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It would be nice to be able to copy an existing Configuration and make a few tweaks to the copy in order to quickly make a new Configuration.

Or may instead a Template could be provided. There are a base number of ways that Launch can be configured when it comes to Rights. So, maybe there could be the following templates that could be used to help speed up the process:

- Develop and Manage Extensions Template

- Approve and Publish Template

- Manage Properties and Manage Environments Template

Thanks -






Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I have good news - the ability to copy permissions and create a new Product Profile with those permissions is available in a new version of Admin Console.  We are currently in the process of rolling this out to all of our customer organizations, so you should see it soon.  Here is a what the feature looks like in the Analytics product in the new version of Admin Console: copy permissions.png


Ryan Monger