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workflow dynamic participant custom email template


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Hi ,

Getting default workflow email template mails by enabling email notification checkbox in dynamic participant step component.

how to change default workflow email template to custom in dynamic participant step.

default : /etc/workflow/notification/email/default/en.txt

custom : /etc/workflow/demoportal/notification/email/default/en.txt




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You will have to modify the workflow and use a custom step to reference the content you want to use. 


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Thanks for the reply.

What workflow needs to be modified . Can you explain to me.

I am seeing the error in widget.js at this line pageInfo.workflows.wcm.models. This is failing to get the default workflow models .

For this error do I need to configure the workflow notifications. I am not able to workflows at all in my sidekick. 


Thanks in advance 


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Does it work when you invoke the Workflow using other means? 




Please have a look at this KB article:-

Link:- https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kb/ParticipantEmailNotification.html



How can I configure e-mail notifications for a participant step in a workflow?


Configure Mail Service (com.day.cq.mailer.DefaultMailService). The preferred way to store configurations for OSGi services in CQ is as nodes of type sling:OsgiConfig in JCR repository (see this article). But you can also configure the Mail Service in the Felix Console. The SMTP host, port, user and password are required, as well as "From" address. 
Make sure CQ Workflow EMail Notification Service (com.day.cq.workflow.impl.email.EMailNotificationService) is configured. 
Set Email notification property of the Participant Step to true. 
The e-mail template can be configured under /etc/workflow/notification/email/default. The default template is en.txt. But other languages can be supported by creating <language>.txt file under the same path.


Some reference link which can indirectly help you:-

Link:- https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1107034

// Send Email Using CQ API and custom template


Link:- https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/creating-custom-aem-workflow-steps.html

//Creating custom AEM workflow steps that send email messages



Kautuk Sahni