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Workflow automatically stops after certain no of execution


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Hi team,


I am using aem 6.5

I have created a workflow to run on page publish.

It's very small one step workflow.

But page publish load is very high that  execution it stops working without giving any error.

If I restart the custom workflow Java component then it starts again.

Is there any way to address this issue 

Load is very high for page publishing that it daily 500 pages gets published.

And same no of time workflow has to work.

But it stops executing after 300 400 page activation.

Everytime knowing workflow stopped is not possible

Also restarting prod component is also not feasible.

Anyone faced similar issue?

Please address solution for same.








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I would like to ask couple of questions here -


1. How are you starting workflow on huge number of pages?

2. Did you monitor replication queues during publish?

3. Have you used any query in your workflow code? Could you please share the logic, if it is possible.


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Workflow starts from workflow launcher on modified event where it checks lastReplicated date.

Replication queue smoothly clears.

No there is no query it basically cals a api in custom workflow call.


But issue is workflow triggering stops 

As soon as component restarted it starts working.





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Please do share workflow launcher configuration if it is possible.


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Workflow event is modified

Path is /content.

Node is pageContent.

And condition is cq: lastReplicated!=

That's it.

And it works as soon as a page is activated

But randomly stops after certain no of executions








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I didn't get this condition  cq: lastReplicated!= 



What is your complete requirement to start the workflow?


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Hi @kiranc13433869 ,


Please try below steps and let me know the behavior-


1. When workflow does not work then try to publish one page manually and check in workflow console if the workflow started.

Check the logs, dispatcher, error, etc.


2. Manually start workflow by giving any page payload and check what happens. Check the logs, dispatcher, error, etc.


3. When workflow is up (the component is working), Publish the 500 pages and check the logs, replication que, error/replication logs, etc and see if you can find something.


Do you see workflow component in disabled state or you see it as enables but just disable/enable resolves the issue.


If you can share the logs then it will help to debug.



Ritesh Mittal