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Video metadata not populating in AEM


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I'm currently having issues with populating video metadata in AEM specifically for videos exported from Adobe Media Encoder. When I upload the source video to AEM, the metadata populates without any issues. I tried different export settings in Adobe Media Encoder and in After Effects but have not found a solution. I noticed the metadata in the exported video files has "pantry" attached to them. From what I've gathered in the forums, this is to mark exported video files as derivatives and to maintain integrity. I've attached a screenshot below for reference.

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 4.08.05 PM.png

Please advise. Thanks!

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Check the Namespace is defined in AEM. The XMP Metadata Writeback process will skip namespaces that aren't defined and not write that metadata to the file.


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Hi aemmarc,

Just checked back with my team. For the source videos, the namespace is defined as what's shown from the screenshot I've provided (RetouchingWorkflow, Setlocation, etc.) and the metadata appears as we intended (Video, NYS1, etc).

After editing and exporting the videos through Media Encoder or After Effects, it changes from what was defined to "pantry <namespace>" (Pantry Retouchingworkflow, Pantry, Setlocation, etc) and the metadata from the source videos are still intact.

Here's a screenshot of comparing the results I get between a source video and edited video uploaded to AEM.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 4.51.31 PM.png

It appears that extra word "pantry" is preventing the metadata from populating in AEM. Is it possible to export videos without "pantry" attached to the <namespace>? The goal is to populate the AEM page with the metadata from the edited video. I forgot to clarify, the first screenshot I provided shows the namespaces and metadata from both source video (left) and exported video (right) read from exiftool.