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Unknown package "ams-tltd-ap-dtdc-soco-bundle-1.0.0.jar" found on a Vanilla AEM instance.


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We are currently in the middle of a migration from DM Hybrid to DM Scene7,
and we are following the vanilla instance setup approach for it. Where we are setting up a new vanilla AEM instance from scratch, identical to the live env instance but with DM Scene7 run mode.
We have currently received a new vanilla instance for the activity and while doing reconciliation we found a package name "ams-tltd-ap-dtdc-soco-bundle-1.0.0.jar" which we do not recognize.

Would really appreciate it if anyone can help us understand what is the function and origin of this package.


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Guessing you are on AMS, TLTD is a tool used by Adobe for maintenance services in AMS world - eg. audit purge