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Understanding Adobe WorkFront & Its use with AEM by Aemtutorial


What is Adobe WorkFront?
Workfront is a Work management application, which helps organizations to organize entire work in
single location.

Workfront helps manage projects, assign tasks, manage resources, documents, allocate finance, generate various reports, analytics reports etc. The tool basically helps standardize process and establish governance within any organization.

Using this tool, a Project Manager can create projects and related tasks, assign tasks to team, set end dates etc. Project status section captures all status of a project (based on details which are manually updated within system by end users).

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What are all the default capabilities of WorkFront?
Workfront by default provides project templates, custom forms, approval workflows which are highly customizable.

Below given a list of all capabilities of Workfront,

Agile Storyboard Management,
Resource Management,
Project Management and Tasks Management,
Project planning and scheduling,
Time tracking,
Manage Budgeting, Projections and Spendings,
Status tracking,
Task management and progress tracking,
Milestone, Time and Expense tracking,
Alerts and notifications,
Custom Dashboards

Workfront integration with AEM

Workfront can be easily integrated with Adobe Experience Manager. Using WorkFront, we can create projects, tasks (For e.g. marketing promotion project and its subtasks like asset design) and once assets are ready it can be pushed to AEM. We can also enrich asset metadata between systems once connected while syncing (push & pull) AEM assets to WorkFront.

AEM specific Features within Workfront
We can have project link folders - which help to organize folders and taxonomy between AEM and WorkFront. We can also create folder and subfolders, metadata and link or sync between AEM & Workfront.

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Understanding Adobe WorkFront & Its use with AEM


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