To develop Android Mobile App Using AEM Mobile



We are planning on using Adobe Mobile for building the Android/iOS  Mobile App. We already have a web application built using AEM 6.4 classic UI.

Please guide us through the process to start the mobile app development from scratch.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I can give you a high level solution of what I think you are looking for.
Most likely you’re interested in the need of enabling your AEM content for multi-channel consumption, for example, a mobile Android app,  a mobile IOS app, a frontend JavaScript web application, etc...

You’ll be definitely using AEM as headless content, so this means that you would need to find a way to expose content from AEM in a unified, digestible, and reusable way.

If you are using AEM core components and editable templates, you can try using the out of the box content service feature; this allows you to get a JSON representation of an entire page when you add the selector .model.json. Adobe has a tutorial on how this can be done

If you are not using AEM core components, then utilizing OSGI sling servlets would be your best bet; always remember to include a caching strategy.

In summary, I hope this advice gives you some ideas on where to start. However, there should be some kind of headless architecture design & planning sessions involved with your team to ensure that all departments of the team agrees to the headless approach.

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