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title issue in the DAM assets in 6,5


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Hi ,

when i upload the some of the pdf or docx in to the dam , title is taking complete name of the file with extension in aem 6.5 and some of the pdf taking complete file name with docx extention.


Please help where is the issue.


Thank you

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Community Advisor

Hi @Satish2info ,


This is the feature of product. While uploading assets in DAM, we can rename the asset, there itself you can remove the extension (though removing extension might corrupt the asset, as in why to have asset without extension)-




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Hi @Ritesh_Mittal ,


Thank you for your reply.


Here is the problem is users can not check every asset and rename it.(this problem is happening few of the assets not all assets)

Is there any where in the DAM update work flow we can put the condition with out taking the title of the assets.


Please help !


Level 6

May be you can try writing a custom workflow to rename the asset with limited number of characters from the asset or any other name that you want.