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PDF Viewer will support class UI?


Level 2

I have tried adding a dialog for PDF Viewer, to check the feasibility of the component in the classic UI for business requirement.

Is it possible to just have a dialog to say it can not be edited in classic UI?



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Hi @Gowtham_ford ,


I did not get your question quite clearly. Did you mean, if you can enable pdf viewer component authoring just for Classic UI by adding dialog? Then the answer is yes, we can extend any core component and can add new features (including dialog/ CQ dialog for Touch UI).


Level 1

Hi Ritesh,


Yes your understanding is correct i need to enable the component in classic UI but if i add dialog it is not being enabled in classic UI.

What else i need to do for seeing the component in classic UI?


Community Advisor

Hi @Gowtham_ford 

   You can probably add some custom informative message after checking current mode (u can use : Placeholder.isAuthoringUIModeTouch(request) to identify current editing mode)




@Dipti_Chauhan, good to see our great AEM SME back into the community to assist others. Keep the great work going. Looking forward to your more participation here.

Kautuk Sahni