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The Best Headless Content Management Systems by ArganoUV


Over the last few years the digital customer experience has changed quite a lot – as well as the technology that facilitates it.

Consumers today have more options to choose from than ever before when it comes to where they read, when they read, and the frequency of what they read. Today we browse through our smartphones or tablets, and we can get alerts and notifications on our watches.

There are 6 billion smartphone subscriptions across the world, while mobile plays a major role in how we consume content. The multichannel landscape means that brands and retailers ought to utilize the right tech to deal with changes and keep pace.

Headless CMS
A content management system is headless when it separates the front-end presentation face from the back-end storage body.

The Best Headless Content Management SystemsThe front-end delivers content to any number of devices through APIs while the back-end manages the content and digital experience. And so it is through the APIs that the front- and back-end are connected.

Traditional, or legacy, content management systems tend to lack the flexibility that is required for brands and retailers to operate in today’s multichannel landscape.

The API-first approach makes it better able to give businesses the capabilities to meet their customers’ ever-increasing demands.

So we’re now going to take a look at a handful of leading headless content management systems. In fact, this is a list of headless CMSs that have all been recommended by the analyst firms Forrester, Gartner, and G2.

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The Best Headless Content Management Systems


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Good, short summary of different CMS's in Headless space.