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Tags number limit


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in order to avoid asset duplicates in the DAM (and therefore to not exceed the disk space limit that we have with AEM managed services),  me and my team are trying to tag every asset with the related products SKUs. 

Could the creation of many SKU tags (over 30k) at the same level (example: /content/cq:tags/SKU/001122) have some impacts on the performances of the whole instance ? We tested it with 5k fake SKUs programmatically created with a servlet, and it seems from the assets interface that there are no issues, also with the tag autocomplete and search.


We also thought about creating tags sublevels every 2 characters but, as you can see from the screenshot, the tag name is not very clean and could lead to input errors from the DAM users.




Since we know that the suggested max number of nodes at the same level is 1000, I'm asking if someone has tried before this kind of approach with the tags. 


Thank you




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Hi @Guglielmo_Francesconi 


Check some suggestions given here : https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/approach-for-storing-huge-...


Hope this helps.



Kiran Vedantam.

Hi Kiran,


thank you for the reply. So I understand that there is no real issue in storing many nodes under one tag node, unless someone access crx and opens it. 


We'll try storing the tags all at the same level. 


Thank you!