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Hi Team,


I am new to AEM and I am confusing about sling resolution.


I have simple URL

Below things I observed in blogs.

First it will search with path content/home then it found and it will take sling:resourceType that is my page component which is apps/myproject/components/page.

Then it will go to page component then it will execute page.html the same thing observed in many blogs. Here my question is if it is executes page.html then how I am able to see home.html page content?


Could you please clarify me.





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Accepted Solutions (1)




To make it simple let me explain this here in another way -


if you access any page lets say home.html, browser looks for html to render but home.html does not have any code(jsp, html etc), it only has few properties and components but it has sling:resourceType which tell server to include code from page resource type and execute it and add response to home.html. Thats why you see the page.html rendered code. Same thing happens for components as well.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)